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Narrator numbers/P&Z grid (small ideas)

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Hi there NCH,

Just a small idea for a next version of Videopad. I record a lot with both my camera and my microphone. The last is done for voiceovers. Now all recordings, are numbered, except for the first one. That one is just called My audio. My idea is that all recordings start with My audio 1 and then upwards, so no My audio, with no number. This makes it a lot more logical, when sorting the sound. The first recording, isn't the last in the list.

Also, another minor, but needed improvement. When using the Pan&Zoom, or Ken Burns effect, it would be nice to get a sort of grid overlay, so you can more precisely add this effect. 

That's it! Keep up the good work!


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Hi Borate, I've tried what you said with the numbers, but mine will always start with no numbers. The second recording will add the .0001, .0002 etc. So the first recording always shows up last in the list. :(

@ C_Major thanks!

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  • borate changed the title to Narrator numbers/P&Z grid (small ideas)

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