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Adding Logo to (place it in) a Video - "how to?" question

Aella Runa

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I am trying to figure out how to add a certain logo image in a video (in VideoPad). It should appear in a bottom-right corner of the video, overlayed. In the VideoPad, I've managed to add that image to the sequences (following these instructions), but it wouldn't save according to the scale I applied to it. When I try to export, it is still a big image that covers the video.

I am pretty sure I am missing some little but important step (newbie here)...  Any suggestion, please, on what I should pay attention to exactly?

Thank you for any help in advance.


Aella Runa

P.S.: @Admins/Moderators
I accidentally posted this topic in the wrong section (Other Languages). Please, kindly, move it where it belongs to, if necessary. Sorry for that, I'll pay more attention next times.

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