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Adding a bank black clip

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I want to add a blank black clip covering about 30% of the total video area to the right and then overlay the black area with some pictures.

Why is something like this so freaking hard to do in videopad?

The sliders are hard to move because of all the background recoding,

and entering the movement or zoom numbers just confusing,

and sometimes the parameter for the motion effect just don't show up.

This is a part of videopad in need a lot of improvement i.m.h.o.

Simply scale and zoom a picture just sucks at the moment!!! running V8.67 on a 6th gen i7!

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Not seeing what you seem to be describing.  Thee is a slight jerkiness when positioning the elements.

Be sure that your video drivers and Direct-X are up to date...   https://www.nch.com.au/kb/10265.html 

Under OPTIONS | EDITING tab toggle "use hardware acceleration" and see if that makes a difference.

Sliders work well, but it's often easier to move and size images with their handles, in the preview window.

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This is pretty straight forward..

  • Place background video on Track 1
  • Create a black blank and place it Track 2
  • Adjust the length (duration) to required value
  • Click the FX for Track 2 and add a Split Screen Effect
  • Select Horizontal 3 and click box C
  • Looks like this now....
  • aa.jpg
  • RHS third is now black.

For each image you want to place to the right in the black area you can...

Place on a separate track above track 2 and then Scale and Posiition to the where you want


For each image/clip placed on the higher track use a 3 x 3 split screen and put them in different boxes but only boxes on the right....




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Slitting a blank clip in 3 parts and then dropping a portrait picture on top of it to position it to the right is a cool trick. To bad there's no black background anymore when I scale down the picture to create a back border. (the border effect does not work for portrait pictures)

So it removes the blank black clip from the timeline and add the slipscreen effect to my picture. I should have added the picture in a separate track :)

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I got a Geforce GT 740, not the best, but it's more then good enough for video editing. I'm sure a better video card would not make VP work any faster. It would be nice if VP would start supporting the NVENC hardware. I do have a cheap M.2 SSD card on order that should make my videopad cache a little faster and allow me to add an extra normal SSD card for my projects :)

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There is no dragging to corners when using Split Screen, VP puts the clips/images in the selected boxes automatically. As Borate mentions Scaling the images first or using the Scale control in the Split Screen control window is all that is required. Vertical images will, of course have wider borders to the left and right. I use an old Vista machine with GeForce  GT 730 card and it seems quite capable.


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