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Audio node weird after changing audio clip speed


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I think this is what gdog is referring to.......

Here a node is placed at about 1/2 way along the clip at 15 seconds. The clip speed is 100%....


The clip speed is now reduced to 50% (twice as long.)  However the node does not move with the new speed to appear in the middle ....it remains at 15 seconds. ......


Although this might seem quite logical, try moving the node to a new position. As soon as you grab it a new node appears to left of this one......


Now try grabbing the grabbing  the blue line away to the right. The cursor jumps to the grab position but A NEW node appears  nowhere near that position you grabbed.....



What seems to be happening is that although the blue line extends the full length of the slowed down clip, the node positions still appear in distances proportional to the  original length clip.

This might be considered a bug.

After testing a bit.....If you place a node in the centre of the clip and then speed up the clip to double speed (halving the duration) you can't any nodes at all.


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Humm...    Plotting keyframes prior to speed change seems to be the answer.  They don't translate when speed is changed.  Bug??

One way to workaround this would be to...

  • change clip speed,
  • right-click | COPY (or drag to the bin),
  • click the + on the sequence tab to add a new, blank sequence
  • right-click | PASTE (or add the speed adjusted clip from the bin)
  • export.

Use the changed-speed exported clip in the original sequence and add audio keyframes where desired.

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