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I can't get the Copy Time hotkey to work in Word when recorded in a macro

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I am transcribing in MS Word and I was hoping I could create a macro to be able to press one hotkey instead of four. Unfortunately, the macro isn't understanding the Time Copy. It is simply pasting the same time over and over again. It doesn't use the elapsed time of the audio.

Here is what I did:

  • I added an hotkey for Copy Time in Express Scribe as Ctrl + 1
  • In Word, I recorded the following steps for a macro:
    1.  space
    2. Ctrl + 1
    3. Ctrl + V
    4. Tab

FYI, the hotkey I added in Express Scribe does work. If I just use Ctrl + 1 and Ctrl + V, the timestamp shows up fine in Word. I just can't get it to work as part of a macro. Please help if you can. It would make my transcription work so much faster..

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