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Reduce MP4 file size from 100+ MB to 20MB to be shared in whatsapp

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The videos I am recording in my mobile and editing , which are under 5 min. long, are over 100 MB, how can I reduce their size, to share them in whatsapp, which only supports files up to 20 MB? I converted a 180MB to AVI, and it was downsized to 60MB, and from there I've been converting MP4 to AVI back and forth and have already reduced the file to 30+MB, but it has taken 40 conversions, and I'm not at 20 MB yet... the reduction rate has decreased, each new conversion only reduces now about 1 to 2 MB... too time consuming! Thanks for your advice!🙏

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If you want to reduce the size of a video file, you may need to change the compression settings. Compression settings may vary depending on the output format you select. If you want to use .mp4, click File Options button (Next to the Output Format at the bottom) > select a Video Quality/Bitrate option from the drop down menu and also change the Audio Quality/Bitrate (the options you select may depend on your needs and the results you want to get). I would suggest to play with those settings and confirm which ones work for you. You can also try to resize your video, to do that: click the Video Output Options tab > select the width and height you need > click OK to save the changes.

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