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Express invoicing is running very slow


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Hello. Since I bought the program its been running very slow. To invoice  search for a customer, applying payments. Everything loads very slowly. I tried the free version first and did not have any problems. I installed it on a new computer and no change. Can somebody help.

Thanks. Shaun 

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How many customers/orders/invoices/items do you have?  I think the problem is in how the software uses hardware.  Express invoice is designed to run on 1 processor core and doesn't benefit from modern hardware.  The more customers/orders/invoices/items you have the worse the problem will be.

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Express invoice should have lawsuit against them, they also blocking clients from exporting all payments, invoices, quote as CVS,

My invoicing software is super slow every item i press i need to wait 30-1 min. it get worst. NHC is no use. why would the only solution is to delete older invoices, why did i buy express invoice software? to delete or to keep invoices, i have clients from 6 years ago calling me i must have their invoice in file. 

They should make warning on their software to advise of their issues! People must have choice and not get stuck after they create hundreds of invoices and quotes. 


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