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Preview going black?


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Not sure what things you are trying but the simplest way (one of several) to remove a section is ......

  • Open VP and Add your video using Add Files tab. This will place your video in the Clip bin
  • Drag and drop your video from the clip bin onto the timeline., or right click it and Place Clip on the Sequence.
  • Move the red cursor line to start of the section you want to delete and Split  the clip using the scissor icon
  • Move the red cursor line to the end of the section you want to delete and Split the clip again.
  • Right the click the section between the splits and select the Delete  option. This will remove the unwanted section and leave a gap.
  • Right cluck the gap and select the Close Gap in Track option. The timeline will close up and your unwanted section will no longer show.


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Hi Anthony here. 

I have the same issue. I would like to be able to clip videos without having to wait for the video preview to buffer before I move along. I am editing a video podcast and removing all the UUHHMMMMSSS that I come across.. which unfortunately is about every 10 seconds in this 4 hour podcast. 

I want to know if there's a way to turn off video preview entirely (as I am mainly looking for audio cues to clip the video). This is the reason why the screen turns black, lags, etc. I am only running VideoPad and no other software. 



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Lagging prior to fully caching, yes, but have never seen the screen go black.  It's unclear whether this is the issue cited above.  Thoughts...

1.  Drag the preview screen smaller.

2.  Break up the project into parts, export each, then import and merge the intermediate exports for final export.

3.  Create a proxy, to lessen the work that the program has to do...

Run the podcast through a converter (or use VP) to reduce it to very low resolution.  Then load that file, make your edits, and Save Project Files AS, giving it a unique # or name so as not to overwrite prior saves.

When ready for the final export, prior to starting VP, rename the low-res file that was used for the edits.

Double-click the VPJ saved project file, which will start VP.  Since it can't find the renamed file, it will prompt to resolve.  Point it to the original higher-res file.  Export.

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