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Saving an audio track (RESOLVED)

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I am just learning to use VideoPad. I didn't realize there was a separate program for audio (WavePad Audio Editor) so I brought my single audio file into VideoPad hoping to combine it later with a PowerPoint video. I cleaned up the audio by taking sections of it out. When the file is open in VideoPad it is a vpj file. I want to save it as a wav file and upload it to Google Drive so I can listen to it while I record the PowerPoint. But every file I save and open does not seem to have my changes except when I'm in VideoPad. Thanks in advance for any help!

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The VPJ file isn't media - it's a control file that saves edit instructions and contains pointers to the source files.

An easy way to save the edited audio once changes have been made is to drag it from the timeline to the bin (top-left of the VP window).

In the bin, right-click the audio file and Save Audio Clip As New File.  It will be saved as a WAV to the MUSIC folder on your PC (unless, under OPTIONS, you have changed the path), and a (1) will be appended to the original file name.

Or you can simply do a direct EXPORT to Google Drive.   image.png

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Click the + sign at the right of the Sequence 1 tab above the timeline.  This will create a new, blank sequence.

Click the Sequences bin (top-left).

Drag Sequence 1 to the blank timeline.

Right-click in the timeline VIDEO area (it may still be blank) and Save Sequence Audio As New File.

It should appear in the PC's MUSIC folder as Sequence 1.WAV .  Upload the file to Google Drive.

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