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Timeline bracket in videopad v8.67

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Maybe there is a special bug tracking website, but I don't want to go looking for that so I'm just telling my findings here.

First. The problem I had with mixed up audio is gone. So that's a big win for v8.67. Although I am a bit shocked by the amount of temp files videopad generates.

Now the issue I'm having with v8.67: Sometimes I can not pick op the bracket in the timeline to make a clip shorter.  I's an intermittent problem, but a huge deal but annoying.

B.t.w. on a side note: the bracket a a bit small, hard to see and can not be picked up when the "playhead" is positioned in the same location.

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As far as I am aware there isn't a website that deals with VP bugs. It's best to either report anything found directly to NCH from the Menu/Help or as you have done mention problems in the forum as someone will usually reply or offer advice.

With reference to the brackets; I haven't seen a problem here and usually, hovering over the white blocks at either end of the clip will produce the left/right brackets. I can't recollect these not appearing even when the timeline is zoomed out or the clips are very short.but as you say if the red cursor bar happens to be positioned on that specific clip edge then you will inevitably get the double headed arrow that will allow you to use the cursor line to drag a blue delete zone on the timeline. You could use this to delete/export etc. the designated area so you could still shorted a clip in this way.

Of course you can't lengthen a clip unless you have shortened it first although that doesn't apply to image clips.

It's probably best to simply move the mouse marker from the body of the clip to the join when the bracket(s)s should appear in any scenario.


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