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Videopad Free edition asking me to upgrade to export video to MP4.

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You are running a trial release.  Some effects/export may not work after that period ends.  Try AVI export;  it usually succeeds.

If VP is uninstalled via Control Panel | ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS it may prompt for a downgrade to 'free', with limitations, but will continue to function.

Best bet is to license the program.  Discounts are often advertised.  You can always install and test-drive the latest version.

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I was under the impression this was a free non-commercial version of the software not a 30-day trial on the software. 

I don't think I read anything that said 30 days nor did I see any countdown message.


"A free version of VideoPad is available for non-commercial use only."

Could the software have mistakenly taken my non-commercial home use as commercial because I leave the software open all night?

If they are taking what is suppose to be a free software and then randomly disabling it to hold your video projects hostage, this would be very questionable bait and switch. 

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Depends upon how you look at it.  Many companies offer 'free' downloads, but disable their product at the end of a trial period.  The statement above is true yet the definition of the term admittedly could be more specific  NCH policy seems generous by comparison as their trials do not expire.  Limitations are to be expected;  if the company gave software away they wouldn't still be around after 25 years.

Your all-nighter likely isn't relevant.  As noted, AVI export often succeeds.  If it does not, try the uninstall suggestion above.  If that fails, reinstall the version that you linked.  It is usually the latest.

Licensing is the way to go, and updates are free for six-months from the purchase date.  If problems arise, users here - just like you - try to help, and confirmed bugs are quickly addressed.

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Hi B and JPC

Not showing image clips that are on the timeline is new...VP storyboard mode used to show images didn't it? I can't see the reason for this change.

Edit: ....HANG ON THOUGH!......Right click the black slide area and select Show Original Clip. The slide images should now show up.


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Hi,  New thread for this - "Storyboard thumbnails don't appear."

Have never seen reports of missing Timeline mode images, but Storybook mode should display them as well.  It does, but intermittently.  Report filed.

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Licensing (purchase) enables all features, as contrasted with unlicensed releases where some effects and export formats are not available.

Upgrades are free for up to six-months from purchase date, but upgrading isn't mandated and the version you purchase will never expire.  There's a subscription option as well.  Check them out...  https://secure.nch.com.au/cgi-bin/register.exe?software=videopad

Any version can be test driven, unlicensed, to see how it performs for you.   Retain your original install file and registration code.

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