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Another waiting for a stream to start topic

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Well i've read another 2-3 "Waiting for a stream to start" topics already and none of them were helpful, the devs don't care about the errors in their program and the "Technical support team" is there to help you at any time (if you are willing to buy their broken a** product). So for the last time i ask this forum if any of you have a fix or something that at least helped you with the problem. I went to the files and checked the box in the options (realtek audio speakers) i reinstalled and installed about 7 times already, cleared everything from cache and installed again, tried with my headphones and my external speakers, tried different music players (spotify, youtube, windows groove) and restarted at each reinstall and after clearing the cache and i still have "Waiting for a stream to start".

I hope that at least 1 person has an answer to this. 


P.S. If some moderator or developer sees this i hope that he realizes that if a program is broken nobody in their normal mind would pay for that program so the "Technical support" will try to fix it afterwards. This is just like saying "Hey, buy my processor, it's a i5, very good but it misses a few pins. if you buy it i'll fix it for you".

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Having just bought around 125.00 worth of software, and the first one I've tried to work with is DeskFX, and I can't move it off of the waiting for a stream to start error....Have uninstalled, re-installed, nothing I've tried works (and yes, I did the uninstall, and looked for the data in the other thread, etc..)

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