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Repeat notation for first and second endings

Linda K

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I'm new to the software and find it pretty intuitive with the exception of first and second ending notation. No problem with putting in the repeat bars. But how to you indicate the #1 or #2 and bracket above the staff to show the length of each ending? And how do you get the playback to recognize it? 


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Hi Linda

I remember having the same challenge a few months back...

On the (lower) menu bar select "notation"

Select Volta ( it should turn blue )

Move your cursor to hover over the first ending bar and a 'volta' will appear above the bar (drag it further if your ending has multiple bars)

When you click, it will place.

Repeat the procedure for the second ending and it should default to '2nd' in the bracket - if not, right click on the volta and you can edit it to change the numbers etc


Hope this helps.


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