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Slow or has VP gone into reverse

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New user just having a play, using one 10s clip dragged to timeline, then again and this time applied reverse.  Export to mp4 and when it hits the reversed clip boy does it slow down to around 1/240th the previous speed. Happens around the 50% mark which confirms its rendering the reversed clip.

Previous render - 2 clips both normal - to mp4 took around 0.5s.

Next render - 1 normal other reversed - to mp4 took 1m59s.

When it eventually completed it played perfect.

Personally not too bothered as I seldom if ever use reverse.

Wonder--- I loaded said clip into *****link editor, reversed it, rendered to mp4, loaded to VP, rendered just perfect, not quite <1s but close.  This is how I will go the next time I want a reversed piece, but don't really know whats up with VP, I'm sure it should not take 240 times longer!!!..


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Thanks for the report.  Of course, once exported in another NLE, it becomes a simple clip for VP - no need to deal with the reversal.

VP reversed clip export is slow.  File a bug report or suggestion by clicking the chevron at the top-right of the VP window.

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Not confirming this here. Using VP 8.77 a 10 second clip added to the timeline twice and then the second copy reversed. (Pretty well instantaneous reversal)

The timeline  played normally in preview  Export  rendering progressed  at a constant speed throughout. (47 seconds 1st half and 49 seconds for second (reversed half).  The exported clip played normally.



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Humm....  different result here.

Thirteen-second mp4 1080 clip twice on timeline, with the second one reversed.  Export at 1080 mp4 defaults.

First clip export ended at about 3-4 seconds.  Second completed at about 42-43s.

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Odd!  I'll try a different clip.....I've just realized it was an mpg2 I used.

Empty cache; added 9 second 1920 x 1080 mp4 clip twice with second one reversed on the timeline.

  • Previewed as expected.
  • Exported as mp4; Auto match content 1920 x 1080; Default quality, Letterbox; V1ariable Smart max  45fps
  • First 50%..........120 seconds
  • second 50%.....135 seconds

On my old Vista machine this is much (much) slower than your test.  However despite that not a huge difference between the two halves (but quite a bit longer than using the same sized mpeg2 clip! which is to be expected)  CPU used 98 - 100% during this.

Checked the first mpg2 clip again and got the same timings as before.



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HI, the reason that the first clip and NLE reverse are fast is most likely because of the lossless export, no re-encoding needed. If you try to use a different resolution other that the original, you can see the difference.


Yes, the reverse algorithm can be optimized but not an urgent job. We will consider this in the future release.

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Oh well - guess that's it for the time being - no worries for me (hence the low priority) - if I need   reverse I will do it as I proposed in my original post.

At least we know what's going on - and support have it on their low priority list

Thanks all.

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