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Old black on white interface

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I have a really hard time seeing white on black.

I upgraded this afternoon and now the software is un-usable for me.

What can I do to change the interface to being black on white instead of white on charcoal?

It is possible to increase the font of the interface texts?

If I had realized that upgrading would change the interface without a way to modify it, I would not have spent the money but gone to a different program.   As it is, it looks like I have to buy a different program anyway.

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There are no UI font change options and the old interface is no longer available.    https://www.nch.com.au/general/refund.html

Of course, you can always revert to your prior version. 

The installer is likely in this folder...  "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\VideoPad"  or perhaps "C:\Program Files\NCH Software\VideoPad"

It is also available on line.

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