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Adding brightness to several sequences

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I would like to  brighten  4 sequences in a video by adding light. The video effects brighten section  doesn't change the image when I add to the default 128.00 measure. Is it possible to add the same enhancement to all 4 sequences in one go? When I look at the auto effects, the enable box is checked. If I uncheck it it makes no difference when I change the other settings.

So how you I change the brightness setting and then how to I preview it?


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For brightness, contrast and gamma, click Color Adjustments.   You probably don't want to use Auto Levels and Brightness together, but it's possible.

Drag the red cursor in the effects window so preview shows the content.  Changing any setting is immediately reflected in the preview window.

To save the correction you have made, click the 'folder' image.png in the effects toolbar.  Name it.

It will appear as just another effect icon at the bottom of the effects screen, to be applied to other clips.

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