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I grouped a long section of clips then moved them. I missed a few short clips and it created a mess.   I’ve keep trying to fix things but every time I fix one something happen and the program moves other thing around. 

is there a way the I can turn off the memory of the clip so it doesn’t move other clips when I move it! 

Is there a way I can have someone share my screen and have them fix the problems so I can watch and learn.  Can you do this with your phone support.  If not can I pay someone to just fix this.  There Are support program where I can turn over control of my computer.   


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Folks here are mainly users, just like yourself.  They cant take over your screen.  Whether NCH paid support does that is unknown, but doubtful.

If you make a mistake, immediately press <ctrl-Z> (EDIT | UNDO) to backtrack, step-by-step. 

Of course. Save Project File AS routinely, giving it a unique # or name, so as not to overwrite prior saves.  Using Save Project Files (no AS) will overwrite.  Then you can restore a project to the state it was in when saved.  Just double-click the VPJ file (which isn't playable).

Video clips normally have linked audio, to maintain sync.  If desired, right-click either the video or audio track and click the UNlink choice.

To prevent tracks from affecting other tracks when editing, right-click to the left of the track and LOCK TRACK.

Certain 'movements' are normal, such as when a new clip is inserted (dropped into) an existing timeline clip, which will split that clip.

If you outline specifics here - exactly what is being attempted - folks will chime in to help.

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