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IVM delivery not working

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I transferred my IVM to a new machine (old WIN7 new Win10) and IVM with OGMs woking fine and answering calls, etc.
the only thing what is not working ist the delivery (Forward to telephone Number) if a new message arrived in the Mailbox.

Any clue what can cause this and how to solve?


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IVM cannot directly transfer between VoIP and conventional telephone lines. To do this there needs to be some form of VoIP to PSTN gateway, such as a FXO Adapter or a VoIP gateway provider.

Sometimes IVM dials too quickly for the PBX or your phone company. In that case you may need to insert a pause (',') or longer pauses (',,,') using commas after the flash character ('!') and after the dialed digits.

Another possible problem with transfers that use a hook flash is that different countries and different phone systems can require different flash times. Check your PBX flash time or ask your telephone company (if you are not using a PBX).

You may also want to reach out to NCH tech team and see if they can help: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html


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