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18 hours ago, borate said:

Where is this being typed - in the text entry box?  These two characters appear, respectively, when your codes are entered...    û ù

Copy/Paste your dash into the text box.

I use simple text overlay and edit it in the text editor. I've already tried copy/pasting the dashes, but it didn't help.

No characters appear instead of the dashes – for example, when I try to type ?:!–()/—¨¨, in the clip preview it appears like ?:!()/¨¨

14 hours ago, Nationalsolo said:


What font are you using?


Normally I use Arial. I tried to use a different font, but it didn't help.

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Something odd happening then.  With VP 8.77 all the Ariel characters appear as normal in the editor; clip preview and Sequence preview.....


....and the exported mp4 is also correct......


Can't think of any reason why - and _ won't appear in VP .....  They appear in the forum entry and presumably in your EMs.


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