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Can you record your screen with two way sound with Debut?


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Hi all,

I am trying to purchase Debut but before doing that, I need to make sure that it records my screen with sound (preferably with two way sound).  I want to be able to record my video conversation completely with sound.  This is very important for me to make sure before I buy it.  I have tried number of softwares including Quicktime and number of other ones but no luck.

Also, I need to know if I purchase the home edition can I instal in on my Mac & PC or just one?  It is not for business use at all.


Thank you.

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Thank you Fred28,

Unfortunately as it seems if you don't purchase the support or the software beforehand, they don't bother helping you.  I posted my request but no reply whatsoever even though I am/was serious to purchase it if it would do what I am looking for.

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