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Super-short video "hiccups" that do not appear on source video

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I'm using Debut Professional 6.14.

I'm finding that when I record a streaming video in a chunk that's about 45 minutes long, at certain points the playback will have these very quick little video hiccups. The video freezes for a very brief time and sound is unaffected, and after less than a second the video playback returns to normal, after having skipped ahead the tiny bit needed to realign with the soundtrack.

When I retry recording, the freezes don't occur in the exact same spot each time, but they do occur at the same approximate spot. (Since I start capture at a slightly different point in the video stream each time, it makes me I wonder if the hiccups would occur in the exact same spot if I somehow managed to always start the capture at the exact same spot.)

And, because it's always in the same general spot, I've been able to watch during the screen capture itself and I have not seen any glitches occurring on the original source.

I first had the issue on Firefox first I found that it also occurs on Edge, and at roughly the same spot.

I've retried recording many times but it always happens. It's gotten to where I'm now thinking I'll just keep whichever capture has the hiccups at the least distracting moment.

Thanks for reading!

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Do you get the problem if you record a different video? What format resolution and frame rate did you use? You may try it using different formats or settings. A few days ago, it was released a newer version, you can install using this link: http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/debut-6-47-2020-09-01.exe

Before reinstalling the program, I recommend you to save your previous recordings to avoid losing them during the process.

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Thank you for the reply, and for the link to the new version!

It turns out that the problem simply went away.

Another change occurred at the same time, which is now that when I finish recording something Debut finishes saving the file almost instantly. Until now it would take 8 to 10 seconds, depending on the size of the file -- and this has been its behavior for months. The first time the fast save happened I thought something had gone wrong during the recording.

I have no idea what might have happened to resolve the issue, which is frustrating. I don't recall making any configuration changes, etc.

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