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Problem saving files with WP 5.48


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I've split a long 80min recording into 19 individual files (MP3), using the 'Split at Bookmarks' feature of 5.48 (Licenced Version)
(Win 10).

It split fine, but I am unable to use the "Save File" or "Save File As" commands, it just does nothing.
It did manage to save the first split file created, but no others. 

I know the files are there, as closing the program, and reopening the Project File loads the individual files, but I don't know where they are stored, or how to re-save / export each file to a new place.   Any tips?

NB: If I copy the contents of a track, and paste it into a new file, it'll save no worries... 
So I guess I can do this, but it's not ideal if I was to do this to a lot of recordings.


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In all my years using WavePad and splitting large tracks into smaller ones I have never used any bookmarks; I always use the 'Split File at Cursor' function. This creates a new track and I work my way through from there. After any final editing I then rename and choose a save to destination.

I don't know if this might help you with your issue though! 


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