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Export in 5.7K?


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I'm currently using version 4.11 and considering upgrading to the latest version, but before purchasing I need to find out its maximum export resolution for 3D or 360 videos.  I'm shooting 3D 180 and 360 videos in 5.7k (5760 x 2880) with my Insta360 EVO camera and I want to edit them with VideoPad, then export them in the same resolution.  Can the latest version of VideoPad export in 5.7k?  Thanks for your help.

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I used to use video pad and it DID... repeat DID, export at 5760. I have the videos to prove it. Then it stopped doing it. So what is going on? BTW. if you want proof I still have the cashe files from when videopad exported a 3D video in 5760x5760 (I am assuming you guys can see that in the cashe data)

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OK, last one. Found a third 3d video I created in Videopad and exported in 5760x2880 very recent.

If I could read the cache files it might help.

OK. SO I did it JUST NOW. But I was not able to replicate my previous success, which was to make a 3d video out of a 2D one and export it at high resolution. But the original poster asked if he could edit his 5.7k vids and export them. HE CAN!. I just exported a videos in 5760x2880, 5760x5760 and 6224x3112. I used the "lossless" video export.


It a shame I can't make 2D videos into 3D videos and export them at say, 5760x5760, like I used to. NCH must be able to make a fix for this, like allow extra options on the lossless option window to include, 'Make this a 2D to 3D video".

So. A caveat. You can trim and cut parts out of the video and then export original resolution using lossless export, but you CAN NOT use any video effects such as saturation, contrast etc. It will not export in lossless with video effects. (but it used to).

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Lossless has definite restrictions, and they haven't changed AFAIK...

Lossless export provides the highest quality video. It does this by re-encoding your video file only when required. Some editing functions require your video to be re-encoded on export. These include adding transitions, adding effects or exporting to a different file type than the original file. A full list of criteria for lossless export is listed below.

There are three options in the lossless export drop-down list.

  • Auto Detect - This is the default setting. If the majority of your video does not need to be re-encoded, it will automatically be exported with the lossless setting. If the majority of your video needs to be re-encoded, lossless export will not be used.
  • Use Lossless Export - When this setting is selected, if your video meets the criteria for lossless editing below, lossless export will be used. Only portions of the video that need to be re-encoded will be re-encoded, the remainder will use lossless export.
  • Off (Re-encode Video) - When this setting is selected, your entire video file will be re-encoded. Lossless export will not be used.

Depending on your selection, you will see your other file setting options adjust to meet the requirements of your lossless export selection.

The following criteria must be met by the input/output videos for lossless export to be used:

  • We currently support H.264 and MPEG4 encoder video sources.
  • The output format must match the input format.
  • Supported formats are .avi, .mkv, .mov, .mp4
  • The output and input must have the same dimensions, encoder profile, levels and extradata.
  • Visual effects are not supported. Any segments of your video that include visual effects will be re-encoded.
  • At least 10% of your sequence must meet the criteria for lossless editing. If less than 10% of the sequence meets the criteria, the entire sequence will be re-encoded during export.


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OK.. I did it again. Made a video at a higher resolution than you claim video pad can do; and NOT lossless. Normal, with image adjustments etc. The full kit. Here is a screen shot of Videopad accepting a resolution higher than the claimed Maximum width of 4096  Link to screenshot

So I uploaded a 360 video, used the sharpen image effect, then saved it as a 2D to 3D video and it automatically had the higher res selected. I also saved it as a normal 360 with the sharpening, again, NOT a lossless save, and it kept the higher res. However, these higher resolutions showed up because I had chosen them before (when for some reason I could) [See this second screenshot showing the list of higher resolutions (5.7k+) screenshot2 ]

I am guessing they came up because I had done them before and they are cached. Note: I tried to use custom to choose a res higher than 4096, but couldn't. But vidpad automatically had the higher res in the field, and gave me back my previous higher resolutions I had used.

It maybe something to do with what image effect is used. But it is possible. So you guys have a product that can do way over the 4096 wide res you claim it is limited to. If I were you I would be VERY interested in how I managed to improve your product and its sellablity!!

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Thanks for sharing.  Using v13.03, the 5760x2880 export choice is available, apparently picked up from the source resolution.

VP may have defaulted to re-encode when it appeared to Losslessly handle a sharpened file.  This should not be possible.

For an explanation on why 5760x2880 succeeded, please see the PM.

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