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Adjusting volume for select parts of clip

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I wish to modify the volume within a clip but not of the entire clip.

Example: For a video of two people having a dialogue, Person A is at the right loudness, Person B is too soft. I wish to raise B to approximately that of A. There is also background noise before, after, and in between the speakers. If I were to normalize the volume of the entire clip, I would probably end of raising the volume of the background noise, too; I do not want that. I also do not want to split the clip into a countless smaller clips, raising the volume of all the ones containing Person B.

Is there a feature such that I can control a slider or "knob" to manually raise or lower the volume as the clip is progressing and capture those changes? Is there another way to accomplish my aim?



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Probably the best approach is to add an amplify effect to the audio track.

  • Click the FX for the audio track
  • Play the Clip Preview which will show the waveform, until Speaker 1 (the loud one)has finished. ( The red cursor line will move along under the preview and be duplicated under the effects graph pane.
  • Create a Keyframe by clicking the first button above the graph pane with the red line on it.
  • Grab the blue Amplify line just to the right of this keyframe marker and drag it upwards to a higher value.
  • Play the track until just  speaker 2 (the quiet one) has finished and  Create a third keyframe
  • Grab the blue Amplify line just the right of this keyframe and drag the line back to its initial level.
  • Repeat in this way alternating the amplification level between speakers. The keyframe points can be adjusted in position and height if they are not correct.

The graph will end up looking a bit like this...


Hope that helps


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Another approach would be to click the audio track, then drag the blue line in a similar fashion to what Nat suggests...


As for overall background noise, experiment with the EQ, noise reduction, hi/low pass and compression audio effects.

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It appears that this cannot now be done in VideoPad 8 for Mac?  This function should never have been removed as it allows for accurate adjustments to be made to audio levels.  The new way of merely adding a 'Fade In' is a very poor substitute.

Or am I missing something?

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