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AutomaticallyTrimming Silence from Video file

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If you have a video and want to trim the the silences example if you are giving a interview then between Each words you take pause and think OK what next to speak this make a video very boring so so I want to know is there any way in videopad where I can remove the silences automatically because doing manually  over the wave form it takes lot of time.

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In short...I am afraid not. If there are a lot of silences in your video the only recourse you have is to edit them out. VP can't do this for you.

You can either split the clip either side of the silence and then remove the section between the splits closing the gaps as you go.

A simpler alternative is

  • Split the clip at the END of the first silence.
  • Drag the right hand section up to a higher track and then to the left so it overlaps the silent area,
  • Split the upper track at the START of the next silence.
  • Drag the clip down to the first track and then to the left so the next silence is covered
  • Continue in this fashion.
  • In this way each silence is covered by the upper track. The advantage here is that you can easily adjust the silences by varying the overlap and there are no gaps to remove and only a simple split is involved for each one.


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