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How to replace audio track on video and re-sync

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I have a video with an audio track I want to replace with a remixed audio track. I can mute the existing track, and import a new audio track, but what do I do to synchronize the new audio track with the video? I cannot separate the cursor movement in the audio and video previews. The new audio track begins about 2 minutes into the existing video.

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  1. Mute the existing audio track. If it's a complete track linked to the video you can right click the track and unlink it. Now you can delete it leaving just the video.
  2. Input the new audio
  3. If you have muted the current audio load the new one to the next lower track
  4. If you have unlinked and deleted the current audio load the new one to the empty track.
  5. Drag the audio left or right to synch it to the video. 
  6. If the new audio is to start about 2 mins in then before you load it to the track place the cursor at the start point of the audio. Now right click  the new audio in the clip bin and select to place it on the track at the cursor position.
  7. If you have opted to mute the old audio then overlay the new one at the cursor position.


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