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Video Filter only working in a rectangle window

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Hello all,

I am relatively new to video editing so please forgive me. 

I have some footage that I want to make look like an old movie. I applied the filter that does that. But to my confusion a small rectangle box inside the video screen appears and that seems to contain the filter effect. Am I making sense? Please can anyone assist me in this matter?


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If possible, grab a screen shot of what you see and upload it to a free server.  Get a shared link and post that here, so folks can see what you see.

No 'box' appeared when applying the OLD FILM effect here.  What version of Videopad is being used?

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Old film effect.....

  • Load the footage to VP
  • On the timeline at the left end of your footage is a small box labelled FX. Left click this box
  • Click the green + to Add effect/Template  This opens a window with a list of effects.
  • Scroll down and in the section labelled Artistic you should see the Old Film effect.
  • Left click Old Film effect. This opens a further window containing the effect controls.
  • Make sure that the top box (Enable) is ticked. Choose the other effects as required..i.e. Shake/Flicker/Spots/Lines/Black and White.
  • Close the effects window at top right and the footage should now show the chosen Old Film effects.

If something odd appears (can't think what your "box" is can you upload an image as Borate suggests.


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