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Reporting negative nett item sales

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The item sales report only picks up the positive invoice data. I also raise credit notes based on items, but the overall Item Sales Report and Item Sales by Customer does not record these as negative sales. Is there a work around? 

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Hello Tom,

The program will count the credit notes as credit notes, and not as negative amounts on sales reports.  That information is available when you run a customer statement. You can do that in Express Accounts > View > Customers, select the customer you want to check, click on Statements and it will show you all the outstanding invoices, and credits for that particular customer.

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Does not answer my problem - I need to know the nett transfers of the stock item, not just the dollar value. If the program accepted negative quantities in the invoices then these would show in the item sales history. Sounds like a small code change to allow negative amounts as valid entries????

Also, this makes life hard as I supply on consignment and bill customers their nett sales - so an invoice for a months sales might include both positive ( ie: outgoing ) sales and negative sales ( ie nett returns ) and at the moment I can only handle this as one invoice and one dollar value only credit note.

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