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VideoPad version 8.71 Need help with video freezing!

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Please help! I am new to this Forum.  I'm not very Tech savvy, but I'm happy for accomplishing as much as I have. I have been using VideoPad for a few years and upgrading as needed. I just upgraded to version 8.71 and I have three videos I need to get done soon.  The problem is after exporting a video, I'll review it to make sure everything is correct. But after upgrading, the video will play for only 2 or 3 seconds and then the frame will freeze while the audio continues on. I've reported this issue as a bug and downloaded the patch version they offered only to have the same results each time I export a video.

I have to leave for most of the day but I will return this evening in hopes of solving this problem. But if anybody has any suggestions I would be more than happy to hear them. And thank you very much for any help.

Just an update. Because I'm new to this forum I didn't know where to look or much what to look for.   But since posting my problem, I located the solution on a previous post from another forum user. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read and I'm very happy to find a form that has helped me as much as it has so far.


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Share the export solution that your found, please.

If you downloaded 8.71 from the beta site you may not have actually gotten that build.  The numbers there are often placeholders.  Instead, it's possible that what you got was release 8.67.

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