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Wavepad exports low quality files

Dave Rado

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I recorded an 878MB MP4 file called "Tom Tit Tot Original.mp4" (which  I have uploaded to Google Docs here). 

I then opened it in Videopad, and in the storyboard pane I deleted the last couple of seconds of the video, saving the project as "Tom Tit Tot.vpj"  (which I have uploaded to Google Docs here).

I then tried exporting the resulting video as an mp4 - but no matter what settings I selected in the "Export File Settings" dialog, the file size of the resulting video was dramatically smaller than the file size of the original video, even though the exported video was less than 2 seconds shorter than the original one; and the quality was noticeably inferior to the original (as you'd expect given the much smaller file size.)

The largest file size and best quality video I could get was by selecting "HD 1080p" in the "Preset" drop-down of the "Export File Settings" dialog. Doing this produced a 281MB mp4 file  - a third of the size of the original file - even though in the "Export File Settings" dialog it said the estimated file size of the exported file would be 832MB! I named the exported file "Tom Tit Tot.mp4" and have uploaded it to here

If instead of selecting "Export Video" on the File menu I selected "Export lossless video", which one would expect to produce a file of identical quality and almost identical size to the original, the file size was even smaller and the quality even worse than it had been when I had selected "Export Video" and had chosen the "HD 1080p"  preset.

What is going on and is there any way of exporting an MP4 file that has been edited in Videopad that is the same quality and has more or less the same file size relative to its playing length as the unedited mp4 file?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me.



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I have just selected "Export lossless video" again and this time it exported an 891MB file with the same quality as the original - although in the "Export File Settings" dialog, the "Estimated file size" it displayed was only 49.37MB!!

So maybe I misremembered, and when I tried that method before I was put off by the estimated file size that it displayed and therefore didn't actually export it that way in the past after all.

So I have a solution to my original problem now, but I still have two outstanding questions:

1) Why is the  "Estimated file size" in the  "Export File Settings" dialog, when one selects "Export lossless video", so incredibly inaccurate - nearly 20 times smaller than it should be?

2)  Why does selecting "Export Video" and then selecting "HD 1080p" in the "Preset" drop-down of the "Export File Settings" dialog (which is actually a higher resolution than the original file) produce an exported MP4 file  with a third of the file size and significantly reduced quality compared with the original?


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