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Ship to label in Express Accounts


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I am using the latest version of EA (8.05) and I have a bill to address and a ship to address. It shows on the invoice but when I preview or print it, the ship to is missing and I can't find anywhere in the options to activate it.

All I can find is on the invoice screen itself you have a check box to uncheck if ship to is different from bill to and I have unchecked this.

Does anyone have any idea how it can be printed on the invoice. 

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Yes, I had similar problem,  the preview or print copy of invoice is missing  Ship To:

Ask to refer:  http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/expressaccounts/win/invoicelayout.html

Follow everything as advised, still the Ship To: is missing on preview and invoice copy.

I had checked that the Customer area the box checked, use mailing address as shipping address

Can it be a bug that need to be fixed?



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