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When I create a new customer with a starting balance and add new invoices to the custumer's account, then when I receive a payment from the customer including the starting balance, the program applies the payment to the new invoices and tells me there's an over payment and ignores the starting balance even though it shows the correct total balance due in the custumer's list, how do I stop it from asking me to apply an over payment to a new invoice when it insn't any over payment?

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By default, Express Invoice uses a customer account-based payment. The payment is applied to invoices in the order that they were created. To apply a payment to a specific invoice, follow these steps:

Click the Payment button on the toolbar
Enter the Date, Customer, Amount, Method and Reference number
In the Applied column of the invoice list, enter the payment next to the correct invoice
Press Tab or Enter to save your change
Click the Record button

I would recommend you to use the Recalculate Customer Balance option. To do that, click on View menu > Customers > select (highlight) the customer from the Customer window > go the Customer menu > Recalculate Customer Balance > confirm you want to Recalculate.

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