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Multiple video tracks


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There are many ways to use multiple tracks. In general you place your main clips onto Video Track 1. The associated audio will be added automatically to Audio Track 1 ..


As it says ...You can drag and drop (or overlay) other clips (video/image or text) to the space above Video Track 1. When you do this it will become Video Track 2 and any audio becomes Audio Track 2...


You can drag the clips along the track to any position you want and mute sound tracks as required. The one thing to bear in mind is that

Anything on a higher track will obscure anything on a lower track and if both sets of clips have sound then both Audio tracks will mix unless one is muted. 

When the timeline is played think of it as looking down on the project from the top.

In this instance (one clip placed above another) you will only see the upper track when the project is previewed until that clip ends then the lower clip will appear.

Now, if the upper clip is made smaller in size by adding a Scale effect then some of the lower track will become visible as it will no longer be obscured. With suitable Scaling and Positioning you can obtain a picture in picture.....


Here the overlay clip  on Video track 2 has be scaled down in size and now appears as a PIP against the clip of the boat on Video Track 1.. By adding a Position effect it can be moved to a corner if required.

By adding clips to even higher tracks, scaling them and positioning them carefully you can obtain multiple smaller images simultaneously in the Track 1 video.....


Here, four overlay clips on four higher tracks have been scaled and positioned so as to have one in each corner of the main clip.

By staggering the clip positions on the timeline (above) the inserted clips on the upper tracks can be made to appear and play at different intervals. (In this image the audio tracks have been reduced in height in order to show the 5 Video Tracks used.)

Normally any text you add will appear on an upper track also, usually at the cursor line position and  having (normally) a transparent background they can be placed in different positions on different tracks one above another and with the addition of the correct effects made to merge and animate  from one to another over the main clip on Track 1. (Options are almost endless!)

Clips placed on different upper tracks (any number of tracks) can each have a Split Screen effect added to them. Each clip then appearing in a separate box. (up to 25 boxes -one box per track) This is often used to produce a multi image choir or conference project..

As you can see using multiple tracks requires a bit of practice but is relatively simple in principle but can be complex. Give it a try with just a couple of overlaid clips and see what you can do.

Note....Use dual preview displays as it makes it a lot easier to see your result. Of course in order for the Sequence Preview to accurately show things, the red cursor line should pass vertically through all the clips you are using at a particular point in the project. i.e. if you are expecting to see 3 overlays and only see 2, check that the cursor is passing down through ALL the overlay clips......and check also that all these clips have been scaled and placed in different positions as they will also obscure each other. That's easy to overlook!


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