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mp3 to text (speech to text)


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I have already loaded mp3 file.

When I run "Run speech to text on dictation", it pops up window saying,

"Speech to Text may take some time, so it will be performed in the

background to allow you to continue working. A notification will

appear when it has finished".


And beyond that it doesn't do anything. I don't know what's going on??

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Hi, I am not able to find this information anywhere. So help would be greatly appreciated.

Can I transcribe a dictation while the "run speech to text on dictation" function is running on another dictation?  That is, can these be done simultaneously?



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I am trying out this software before recommending it to my work for a project.  When i enable the Speech to Text button, I get a new window that wants a default profile for the Microsoft speech recognizer.  Where do I get and load such a  profile or how do I create it?

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