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Wavepad and VBR Saving on Mac

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Here is my experience to date with Wavepad and VBR saving on Mac. 

The latest version for Mac that works saving as VBR is 6.64. 6.64 is a 32 bit version which will not run on Mac OS later than Sierra 10.12.6. If you try to open it after installing on a system running a 10.13 or later OS, it will give a pop up error window stating it cannot be used on any OS later than 10.12, the latest version should be downloaded and installed, and the only option button is to quit. 

The next Mac version of Wavepad is 9.29. I believe this is the first 64 bit version. 

I’ve tried all versions of Wavepad for Mac from 9.29 through the latest version. VBR saving does not work on any of them. When selected as the save option, it always saves the file as a straight 128 kbps file.

This isn’t a show-stopper for me. I have a partition set up running OS 10.12.6 that has a purchased registered Wavepad 6.64 running on it that can be used to save files as VBR. It’s inconvenient but one has to be pragmatic about such things. Still it should work as it is supposed to be a valid option for file saving in the 64 bit versions. I can’t believe I’m the only one having this issue. VBR superiority over other types of file saves is a matter for another discussion thread. 

I also recently purchased a registered version of 64 bit Wavepad and have been upgrading free since 2/15/2020 until my 6 months from purchase date runs out on 8/16/2020.

I’ve reported this to NCH and had some communications with suggestions from them on it. It has not been resolved as of this writing.

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