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Debut Screen Capture, Audio Quality Not Good


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I've recently installed & registered Debut Pro. I have been trying to do screen capture of some video. The video turns out just fine in Fast Capture, MP4 & MPG (the three modes I've tested with the issue I am experiencing). My issue is the audio playing with the video while the recording process is happening is perfectly normal. No quality issues. When I go to play the recording after I'm finished you can distinctly hear interference or feedback. I can compare it to trying to record something with a microphone from a speaker system & the speaker system volume is turned up a little too high for recording on the microphone. I have tried both MM Device and Filter Driver in Speakers under Audio Settings. The results are virtually identical. I've tried playing with the audio mixer in Windows to adjust the volume of Chrome (the browser that has the video playing in it) & the general speaker volume. I haven't noticed any change when toggling these volume settings. I have also attempted to toggle the in-video volume settings to a slightly lesser volume to see if that might yield a positive result. The results however are virtually the same.

Again, the speaker output when recording the video is perfectly fine. It seems the audio quality takes a dive only once I play back the recorded screen capture.

Any suggestions ? This is frustrating.

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