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I have the same inquiry, I need to present on my sales both taxes divided for my customers and for the POS to log.

For example PR has Municipality Tax of 1% and State Tax of 10.5%.

I am having trouble issues with this because I also have no tax items.

At the moment of having a sale, I have to calculate to separate the tax percentage, so I can then process correctly on ATM system apart. 

Please help with this matter. The link shown above this message only presents on how to configure general info on the receipt for the customer. I need the area formatted and divided on end of sales report, plus on receipt for the client

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If you need to set different taxes, click Options > Tax tab > from the Sales Tax System drop down menu, select the system you want to use > set the tax rate for each of the taxes you need to apply > click OK. Then, you may need to go to your item list > edit your items, one by one, to set the correct tax rate for each item > click OK.

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On 8/7/2020 at 3:39 PM, Kim 1318 said:

hate to say this but that link does not refer to any tax relate answers....


with the above note, my personal question is how do we make the system apply single, dual or triple taxes to items... for prime example if all items has dual taxes, how do we get the system to apply it?

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