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Deployment of SoundTap with Registration

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Hi Everyone,

We've just purchased a 60 user site license for SoundTap and we are looking at the best way to upgrade our existing/older versions of SoundTap and move them onto the newer version with the new key. 

I can see that the newest version comes as an .exe - has anyone had any experience with converting this to an MSI and deploying that way? Also with the registration, does anybody know if it's possible to register the software via a script for example, or is it only possible to do so via file -> register...? Basically we would like to automate as much of this process as possible so we/our users don't have to do much. Also, is there any way you can configure the preferences via a script too? i.e. to determine recording location / record from microphone and the recording format?

Thanks everyone for your help in advance! 


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