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MOTU UltraLite Hybrid Mk3 problems

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I am trying to use the MOTU as an audio input to VideoPad. Before ver 8.66 this caused a crash with a Signal 11 exception code as soon as the device was selected in the capture video menu. With 8.66 I can now select the MOTU as the audio device and see a signal when a track is record enabled but the same crash occurs when recording is started. The MOTU works in MixPad and with other recording apps and VideoPad accepts the MacBook internal mic and the mic on my webcam. Has anyone had the same problem and found a fix? Thanks for any help.

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Bug reported 4 times with full symptoms. No reply since first submission 2-3 weeks ago. Getting very frustrated as a paid-for app is not working and I have projects to submit every week.

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