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Video missing in export

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HI, i am new here, started using Videopad this week. I've managed to make some videos using .jpg images. But now I tried to edit real movie files. They are all .mov files. On the project it runs perfectly but when I export it it shows a black screen, but the sound is good. I've rebooted the system, tried different formats when exporting, tryed VLC to watch it ad it's the same thing. Any clues?

Thanks a lot.

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What version of Videopad is being used?  Try this one.  For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.  Retain your old install file and registration info.

If no change, please post again.

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Hi,  Newbie here.

I've been using the free version for a few weeks and working fine exporting MP4 but as of today it is printing only the audio?

Is this VP's way of getting you to buy the program or is there a setting I'm missing?

If I purchase, what is this fee I'm hearing about for updates?



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No, this has no relation to whether you are running the trial or paid version.

Upgrade to this release and see if the issue is resolved.  If not, drop by again.

If you purchase, upgrades are free for six-months.  After that there's a fee, but the version purchased will continue to function fully, indefinitely.

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That's unusual behavior.  The 'free' version is a trial, with limitations.  Mp4 may not work, but AVI usually does.

Try another install with this version, which may or may not be the one you already have.

Best bet is to purchase.

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Thanks Borated

I uninstalled and reinstalled a previous version and then made an mp4 at a lower resolution & frame rate (1920 x1080, 30fps) to full success.

Next I'll try a higher resolution and frame rate. I'll keep you posted

Thanks for the help, it's appreciated.

If this glitch had not happened, I was just about to buy. Now I'm a bit spooked. 

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Some glitches are to be expected, but they are usually resolved quickly via this forum.

Lengthy or complex UHD 4K video projects may require planning as they can max out memory.

Hardware is a factor as video editing is resource intensive.

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Thanks. Borate.

Great to hear this is a helpful forum. It makes all the difference.

Agreed about the hardware resources but odd that it just started happening after a month or so?

And any hints on a recommended or "reasonable" resolution and frame rate for Youtube music videos?

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This should help with YT...   https://lumen5.com/learn/youtube-video-dimension-and-size/

It's a balance between desired quality and ease of editing.  Lower res and smaller files make editing easier, and that goes for any NLE.

When constructing your project, routinely Save Project Files AS, so as to not overwrite prior saves.  Save Project Files will overwrite.  Then you're protected.

Launching a VPJ (non-playable control file) will load the project just as it was when the save was made provided no files have been deleted or moved.

If you make a mistake during editing immediately press <ctrl-Z> (EDIT | UNDO) to backtrack step-by-step.

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