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How to put margins between multiple videos in split screen


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Hi there, I'm producing music videos with split screens, varying from 3 to 25 screens in one video.

The Split Screen option is really useful, but it places all the videos with no gaps between them. Is there a way of putting very thin margins between the videos. 

I've tried using Scale and then H & V bias, which almost works in the Sequence Preview (but is WAY too fiddly for 25 videos), but once rendered, the videos are all over the place.

Thank you!


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Actually I just answered my own question - use Scale.

However, if I combine several split screen options - ie have one video in box B of Vertical 2, then two videos above it in boxes A & B of Grid 2x2, then I can get borders which look fine on the Preview Sequence, then don't work once rendered. Very frustrating!

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Try a different approach...

Overlay two blank screens fashioned with your choice of color and extend them on the timeline to the length of the video.

Then use the MOTION effect to scale and position each as vertical and horizontal lines respectively, to sit atop the video.

Add the BORDER effect if desired.


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