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MIDI Create. Tempo Problems.

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OK , so.

I change the Tempo in Main screen to 144.

Then click create Midi & every time it pops up. The MIDI file you have loaded is 120 , Shall I change your project Tempo to 120 ? When it starts with an empty file !?


Will it not set the Opening MIDI to 144 as I have set in Main screen ?

Also it sets the Bar line marks incorrectly !

I am using the info as suggested on this page ....


to use in MIDI Create .

And  every thing in main screen has a different Tempo , Why ?





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Right , so Update.

I have uninstalled & set to clean All DATA Files , rebooted.


Same Problem.

Uninstalled Again :~(


Searched Registry for All Mixpad entries . Deleted All !



Problem Fixed.

WHY when on Uninstall does it Not Clean the Registry ????????

An Hour spent Cleaning Up !



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