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Crashes when pasting a clip to a new tab

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I can and do, work for hours with no problem, but when I highlight a clip and copy and paste it to a new tab, BAM! WavePad 10.53 crashes! It just disappears. When I open it back up, it acknowledges that it just crashed and offers to restore my audio, thank goodness!! I have never lost a track from these crashes, but it is annoying. I have reported it to NCH Support and they sent a request for an FTP upload, but that system failed. I have used FTP many times even to my own websites, but I could not get the NCH FTP to work. I am trying a Beta version I found 10.58, and so far it has not crashed. If it does I will just go back to an older stable version. I personally believe that this crash has something to do with the new feature that keeps the previous take when you highlight it and hit record. Now I have to actually delete the previous take. I used to just drag the mouse over the part I did not want and 'record' would remove the old take.

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