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Hello, I am new to Debut.  I used to use another program but that is now unsupported and I had to find a new recording system, but the other program  didn't do what I wanted.  I had bought a different program which was brilliant, but didn't run properly so had to cancel it.  I need to record my screen (check), I need to record webcam (check) external mic (check), greenscreen(check), but what i would also love to do, is record the screen and webcam - together but not stuck together.  I want to be able to move the webcam around and sometimes delete parts of it.  Basically I have terrible allergies and can start sneezing alot.  So if I am recording something good, I can remove my sound and face, but keep the video going. if that makes sense.  I thought I watched a video on it, but now can't find it, or am I trying to do something that the other program can, and Debut can't?  any help greatly appreciated.  Thanks,



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Debut will not allow you to do what you described, you can change the position of the camera using the camera overlay controls but to set locations not freely and it will not allow you to cutout the camera overlay while still recording the screen, you will need to stop or pause the recording disable the camera overlay and then enable again.

You can confirm with the NCH tech team if you like; https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html 

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Thank you so much for responding, it is really appreciated.  That is such a shame. How would the green screen part work then?  oooh.  If i record with the webcam in the desired place and a green cloth, then remove it, no that won't work either as there would be a gap behind wouldn't there?  It is so frustrating, another program could do what I need, but my machine didn't like it.  Basically, my son will probably be ok, but I will have to work on me.


Thanks again.  I will take a proper look at the manual when it arrives, but I was beginning to think it wasn't possible.

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