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I'm a new user beginning to understand the software.  I'm preparing to renovate a 2 story house with minor changes on ground floor and major changes on second story.  I started by measuring and drawing the existing two stories and I can view them together but I also want to be able to see them separately and I can't find a way to look at and edit only the second story without seeing the first at the same time.  Feeling dumb...there must be a simple way to do this but I can't find it...  Advice will be greatly appreciated!

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Hello, the program does not offer the option to create each level independently. When you create the building you have on the left hand pane the option to select which story to view, starting by Ground Level, 1st Story, 2nd Story, 3rd Story, Basement and Foundation. Simply click on the story you would like to see or work on so you can see it. If you have each story on different parts of the project grid then you won't be able to merge them together.

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