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Cannot load DSS files

Guest Stacey

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I cannot get Express Scribe to load any of my DSS files. I have used Express Scribe in the past with no problems. I am, however, on a new computer and wondering if there is something in the setup that I am missing. My colleagues are having no problems loading and listening to the same files that I am trying to. Any help is appreciated.



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Check you have the latest version. Download from the <a href="http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/index.html">Express Scribe Transcription Software Download Page</a>.


When you load a DSS file it will say downloading component. Let it do its job.


Then it will work after that.



Thanks for responding. I downloaded scribe v.3.21. Is that the latest version? After that, I went through the foot pedal wizard. To load a file I pressed "Load", selected the file to download, then waited. No message pops up at all. Any other suggestions??

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