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Upon installation of Warp. I removed a check mark from a Box entitled Thumbnails. That was yesterday after the installation of Warp. Today, I noticed the missing photographs in the "My Pictures" fold. I then ran a "RESTORE" form Warp and it appears that everything is back to normal!! My question is: How can I run Warp and not have to worry about losing Image Files (photos)? 

I have just reinstalled Warp and I would like to run it again but I do nor want it to remove my saved image Files. Can someone out in the community HELP?



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Are you sure these are not thumbnails? Are these save images? Whenever you browse a folder containing pictures or video, Windows creates small thumbnail pictures as a preview of the file contents. If you have lots of pictures and video, these small images can really add up. They are safe to delete, Windows will make them again when they are needed.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks Guru for your response...here is my story,

In the Folder labeled "My Pictures" in Windows 10, I create my own folders into Which I place photographs in. I may have taken that image with my camera or I-phone, copied an image from somewhere or created the image in Photo Shop. When I ran Warp, all of the folders of images were whipped out of My Pictures. I restored my computer to a date before I installed Warp and I found all of my image folders were back in place where they belonged!! So next, I MOVED all of my Image Folders to an External HD and attempted to use Warp again and to my surprise my computer would not boot up!! I tried every Windows repair function  and finally I was able to RESTORE the PC back to the preset date that I used before and I was able to open the computer and again I had my original content, What is Warp doing to my Registry that caused the computer to temporally die on me?

I hope you can offer a logical explanation to what has happened...




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