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Clips have audio but no video in editor. Has both when exported.


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As the title says, I have a long video file that I've chopped up. But everything from the first 3 hours has no video. The Audio plays fine, and both are working after exporting. This makes it hard to actually...ya know...edit the visuals.

I've tried reimporting the file but it's the same everytime, and where videopad doesn't import trimmed clips properly, I can't make a new project and import it to that.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the entire file was fine while I was going through trimming sections out, then I saved and closed the program. The problem occurred after reopening the project.


Also, I just tried it: making a new project and importing the original file still has the problem.


Fixed!: All I had to do was apply an effect to the clips. No changes necessary, simply having a scale effect on it fixed it. Seems to only work with scale though.

If anyone else has this issue, hopefully this will help them as well.

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Solved my own issue
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