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Adding and splitting clips

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Hallo everybody, my name is Aline. Its the first time that i write in a forum but i'm italian, so i apologise for my english. I would like to edit a video collecting together more than a video, like hundreds we saw during the last quarantine. I see how to drag two video tracks, but then, how can i split them e play together? 

Thank you very much, Aline


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At the basic level clips are added side-by-side on the same track.  When played, the result is a cut between them, or transitions can be programmed.

Higher numbered tracks take precedence over lower, so if video is added to track 2 it will cover track one.  Reduce the size of the track 2 video, using an effect like SCALE or POSITION, and track 1 will be seen behind track 2.  Picture-in-picture.

Splitting can be accomplished in a number of ways.  If the clip is in the top-left BIN, drag the red-lined cursor in the preview window to the start point and click SET START.  Then drag to the end point and click SET END.   Position the sequence timeline cursor where you want the clip to go and click the ADD button.

Or, if the clip is already on the sequence, set the cursor to where you want to begin the clip and click SPLIT.  Do the same for where it's to end.  Then delete the unwanted parts.  Clips can be dragged, so that they butt up against one another.  Another way to remove gaps between clips is to right-click | CLOSE GAP.

Check out the VP tutorials.

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Hi Aline

Do you mean 2 (or more) videos to play on the same screen? Like this......which is 4 videos playing together.......


If this is what you want then do this.....

  • Load your videos to the clip bin.
  • Place Clip 1 on Video Track 1........Clip 2 on Video Track 2........Clip 3 on Video Track 3  .......Clip 4 on Video Track 4  etc. ...so they are lined up, one above the other.
  • The tracks will now look something like this .....but you will only see the top track in the sequence preview....
  • bb.jpg
  • Click the FX for Video Track 4 and select the Split Screen effect
  • As in this example there are 4 videos, choose the 2 x 2 Layout. (You could use Horizontal 4 but they would be the wrong shape or you would have to make the images smaller)
  • In the Split Screen effects window click the box (A,B,C or D) where you want the Track 4 clip to appear.
  • Repeat this procedure for Video Track 3,     Video Track 2   and    Video Track 1  ( Note: You don't have to do them in this order but it allows you to see the result each time in the sequence preview window.)
  • Adjust the Position /Size of each clip using the Scale;Horizontal and Vertical Bias controls
  • The tracks will reflect the clip positions in the layout......
  • ccc.jpg

Your clips will now play together on the same screen. You can add other clips to the end of the existing tracks and apply the same split screen effect and it will change the existing clip in the respective box. Individual tracks can be split using the scissor icon under the sequence preview screen. (The icon associated with the red cursor line splits ALL tracks which you may not want to do)

Note also that all the sound tracks will play together but you can mute unwanted tracks. If you are making a choir video (or a musical group) then you will have to move the video clips left or right to synchronize all the audio tracks

If it is something different you are after then please come back and ask.



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