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Inventoria Express Invoice Integration


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Looking for assistance to get Express Invoice syncing with Inventoria.

Basic configuaration seems to be correct - Express Invoice can connect and retrieve locations, and selecting update now from the preferences page downloads all the items from Inventoria into express invoice. But barring one 5 minute period I'm unable to get express invoice to update chances in quantities back into inventoria. For the 5 minute period it did work inventoria was getting updated in realtime - but I don't know what caused it to start working or what caused it to stop working.

Software is installed on  a MAC Mini running Catalina, Inventoria version 6.00, Express Invoice version 8.11

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The synchronization between Express Invoice and Inventoria only works when you use Inventoria as the "server" program.  This means that Inventoria will hold the information of all your items inventory, and Express Invoice will connect to Inventoria to retrieve information and updates stock, but you cannot copy the items you have in Express Invoice into Inventoria.

For more details, you may want to check this knowledge base article https://www.nchsoftware.com/invoice/kb/1642.html

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I understand that, and I have it configured per that article.

The problem is that it doesn't actually work in anything like real time.

For the last two days I've left both programs up and running, with a handful of sales invoiced in Express Invoice and a couple of new items added into inventoria.

Nothing has updated in anything like real time.

The new items added in Inventoria have propagated through to Express Invoice within an hour or so

Some but not all of the quantities for the invoiced items have propagated back to Inventoria - some within a few hours, some after two days - in no particular order.

I can't see any rhyme or reason for when updates occur, there doesn't seem to be any visibility of the progress of synchronisation or any error notifications etc. Presumably you just have to enter an invoice and cross your fingers that the quantities will get synched up some time in the next week.

How on earth am I supposed to trust this?

Whats more - I've now realised that all that happens from Express Invoice back to Inventoria is an upadate of the available quantity. So you can report on the current quantity in Inventoria, you can report on when you received stock into Inventoria - but you can't report on when stock was sold. How do I manage inventory if I've got no way of seeing the rate at which I'm selling stock? I sort of could get it from Express Invoice - but that kind of defeats the point of having a dedicated inventroy management system

All up - it isn't fit for purpose. There is no way to trust the integration, which means I cannot use it. But even if it did work as I think it was intended it doesn't actually provide any worthwhile functionality. Back to my spreadsheets.

Complete waste of time and money....

I bought this based on my experience with Express Invoice installed in 2016 which I had been very happy with. The OS update to Catalina forced an upgrade for Express Invoice and was the trigger for adding Inventoria. Inventoria is not fit for use, and it turns out that the Express Invoice upgrade was a major downgrade with significant degradation of performance and lots of functionality that has been broken.  So far no meaningful response from NCH support


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